Caring For Our Community


Kintegra seeks qualified, dedicated professionals who embrace our mission and core values.

Patient First – An approach to care that holds primary, the well-being and desires of the patient

Build not Blame – Focusing first on finding fault with the process rather than the person

Integrity and Honesty – Fostering an acceptance of openness, honesty, and fairness in words, deeds and the use of organizational resources judiciously for both internal and external customers

Cooperation and Flexibility – Related to an internal belief that we function as part of an interdependent team with only shared gains or losses thereby committed to assisting whenever possible beyond the prerequisite job description

Culturally Sensitive – Always working toward increasing one’s ability to understand, communicate with, effectively interact and care for people across cultures, while having an acute awareness of one’s own culture.

Our Mission:  Kintegra is a is a community sponsored, family-centered provider of health care, health education and preventive care services without regard for the ability to pay.

We screen potential employees to first ensure alignment with our core requirements followed by the requisite position skills set. In doing so we need staff committed to this mission who do their best to live and work the characteristics of our core values as we strive to care for ever increasing members of the communities we serve.

Our  current list of available positions is shown below